What is the function of the County Clerk and Recorder

  1. Record each instrument as it is presented to the Recorder for recording, as it meets the qualifications for recording; and maintaining a file of instruments recorded in this office with a complete index thereof.
  2. Administer and conduct all elections within Shelby County as Election Authority.
  3. Perform the duties as Secretary or Clerk of the Shelby County Board, keeping on file the minutes and related material and information of the County Board Meetings.
  4. Maintain voter registration files as prescribed by law.
  5. Extend taxes based on Equalized Assessed Valuations and rate limits as the law sets forth for the extension of real estate taxes each year, keeping on file the levies as placed on file by the various local units of government.
  6. Collection of various fees as set forth by statute.
  7. Issuance of civil unions and marriage licenses upon request, to those who qualify.
  8. Assist in the preparation of the county budget. Maintain an accounting of funds spent against the budget.
  9. Receive claims against the county and write checks for the payment of said claims.
  10. Assist in the annual sale of real estate taxes and receive payments for the redemption of taxes sold.
  11. Maintain on file vital records such as record of birth, record of death, civil unions and marriage records.
  12. Maintain files of various documents as are placed on file.
  13. Issuance of various permits and licenses.
  14. The performance of many various duties as required by State of Illinois Statutes.