What is the function of the County Treasurer?

The Shelby County Treasurer has the statutory responsibility to receive all revenue for the county, including various taxes, fees reimbursements and fines. The moneys received are properly documented in the account system and deposited into the appropriate fund accounts held at local financial institutions. In accordance with law, funds are held in interest bearing accounts and other safe investments with an emphasis on safety of principal, liquidity and maximum rate of return. A report for revenues, expenditures and balances are submitted to the county board monthly. An inspection of the books of account are available to any person wishing to examine them.

The Treasurer’s office is also the Ex-Officio County Collector. The office bills, collects and distributes property and mobile home privilege taxes as well as conducting the annual tax sale on delinquent parcels. Each year approximately $33 million dollars on over 20,500 parcels and over 640 mobile home bills is collected and distributed to 114 taxing districts.

The Treasurer’s office also functions as the Human Resources department for the county. We process bi-weekly payroll, pension reporting, employee health and elective insurances as well as all federal and state liability reporting.

Tax bills will be mailed on or before June 25th
First due date August 6th
Second due date September 17th

Mobile Home Bills Mailed May 13, 2024